This example of hard core deceit of MFRL, presented as truth, is ablatant attack on the person of Mark Blasdel, one of the most reputable, dedicated to his oath of office and a true defender of the rights of Montanans there is in our state.

Communication to Legislators

Sent: Monday, November 11, 2014
Subject: If it looks like a bribe

  For the first time in Montana’s history we have republicans seeking to eliminate fellow republicans openly and aggressively.

 Not only are republicans using unethical means to solicit funds from the unions and the Tribe for this purpose, but these same republicans are attacking supporters of republicans.

 Laid out before you is the paper trail that connects the dots between money that looks every bit like bribe money and other funds being spent to the tune of almost $120,000 to attack these republicans.

 They attacked the character of: Mark Blasdel, of Kalispell; Sarah Laszloffy, of Laurel; Jeff Essmann, of Billings; Matthew Monforton, of Bozeman; Bob Wagner, of Harrison; Brooke Erb, of Dillon; Mike Miller, of Helmville; Frank Delgado, of St. Ignatius; Barry Usher, of Billings;  Jed Hinkle, of Bozeman; Bob Brown, of Thompson Falls; Mike Hebert, of Somers; Ann Morren, of Conrad; Ray Gorham, of Sheppard; Scott Boulanger, of Darby; Kris Hansen, of Havre; Gordon Vance, of Bozeman.  

This unethical behavior is documented in the minutes (attached) of the (CSKT) Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe meetings and on the C-6 reports of the (PAC) Political Action Committees set up by Bruce Tutvedt, Sandy Welch, Lew Jones and Carmen Mowbray

Attached documents explain:

In the Minutes of the CSKT Tutvedt names his accomplices and ties his name directly to the PAC’s.

  •  Tutvedt directly accepted funds from the tribe for lobbying against his constituency.

  •   It is highly unethical for a sitting senator to solicit funds for lobbying.
  •   Those funds show up as deposited in the PAC designated below.
  •   Tutvedt verbalizes his plan of attack openly!

C2_ Montana Business Advocates for Sensible Elections.pdf 

  •     Shows Mt BASE set up for the purpose of supporting Bruce Tutvedt and other irresponsible republicans.

C6_ Montana Business Advocates for Sensible Elections_01_27_14.PDF

  •    Shows that Bruce Tutvedt, Llew Jones, Sandy Welch, and others, personally contributing to Mt BASE

 C6_Montanans For responsible Leadership_06_23_14.pdf

  •    Shows transfer of funds to this PAC from MT Base

  •    Targeted republicans are named in the document

  •    Shows Funds received from Tribe
  •    Shows Tutvedt involvement

Targeted Republicans.pdf; Sample hit pieces are attached, sent against Mark Blasdel and others. (note the sender) 

 Multiple Complaints have been filed against these PACs and republicans with more complaints on the way.

It is our wish for you, that come April 2015 you will be able to look back at the session now before you, and say, “Not once did I place my agenda above doing what is right by those that voted for me.”

Legislators are held to a standard that few cross. The evidence shows that BASE - MFRL and Senator Tutvedt did cross / follow the trail.


Quote of the day.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

   -Winston Churchill

References: (links)

Neo-Con, MFRL is choosing Candidates to run against honest men and attacking with deceit.

Search these committee names: -Montana Business Advocates for Sensible elections

-Montanans for Responsible Leadership

Complaints filed with COPP:

There is a track record of deceit, That includes breaking the LAW!

Montana Republican Platform

        Enumerates Freedoms

Montana Code Annotated / Bribery in official and political matters.

Bribery, n. The act of Giving or taking rewards for corrupt practices; the act of paying or receiving a reward for a false judgment, or testimony, or for the performance of that which is known to be illegal, or unjust. It is applied both to him who gives, and to him Who receives the compensation, but appropriately to the giver.

Mt B.A.S.E.

  the real Dark Money is brought to you by concerned citizens who believe when you have the truth you are better able to see the picture of what is happening to our state and country. We took great effort to keep opinions out of the picture and if there are any opinions or comments expressed they are clearly noted. In each of the items presented there are pieces of irrefutable evidence quoted and brought forth that those reading need to know about. All communications must be had through the Contact Page.