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CSKT WATER COMPACT Summary of Flaws!
The CSKT Water Compact was put together behind closed doors without public input. Do not believe the lies, there was never any public comment allowed to change any aspect of CSKT.

The CSKT Water Compact gives water rights outside the reservation, unlike the other six compacts.

Governor Steven Bullock, Attorney General Tim Fox completely abandoned the state protections of Montana residents living in eleven counties of Western Montana.

Ten prominent issues that affirm the proposed CSKT Water Compact is entirely illegal:
Bullock and the CSKT make the U.S. Constitution Irrelevant.

  1. Governor Bullock signed away the First Amendment rights of Montana citizens denying input.
  2. Governor Bullock executed an intentional violation of the Fifth Amendment (takings without compensation).
  3. Governor Bullock ignored the power of the State of Montana under the Tenth Amendment.
  4. Governor Bullock removed the civil rights protections of Montanans under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Bullock violates the Montana State Constitution. 

  1.  The CSKT Water Compact tramples upon Article II and Article IX of the Montana         State Constitution by removing the inalienable rights of Montana citizens, by the taking of water rights attached to property deeds.
  2. CSKT transfers off-reservation Montana waters to federal “trust” for an Indian tribe. Transferring authority over Montana waters to an Indian tribe that has no duty to Montana landowners is abhorrent.

The CSKT Tribal Constitution is subject U.S. constitution.

  1. Article VI of the CSKT Constitution declares that the Tribal Council’s powers and duties are subject to any limitations imposed by Statutes or the Constitution of the United States. (See U.S. Constitution above).
  2. CSKT violates Article VII of the Tribal Constitution which provides a Bill of Rights, that is substantially violated on behalf of enrolled tribal member landowners and irrigators within the Flathead Reservation.

The U.S. Supreme Court Rulings on Water.

  1. The Winters Doctrine of 1908 is a fair and just commitment to always provide water for all tribal lands, people and enterprises. The Winters Doctrine excludes off-reservation waters from tribal authority.
  2. The 1981 Montana v. U.S. ruling provides that tribal governments have no authority over non-tribal persons or properties, absent a person’s consent.
  3. The 2013 ruling in Tarrant v. Herrmann unanimously asserted that “States have the absolute authority over all navigable waters within lands ceded to a state upon statehood.”

These are but a few of the very powerful U.S. Supreme Court rulings utterly ignored by the Federal government, State of Montana and CSKT Tribe.

Ramifications and errors of the CSKT Water Compact

  1. CSKT Water Compact makes Tribal Sovereignty Superior to and More Precious than State Sovereignty.
  2. CSKT Water Compact as put forth by Governor Bullock, the Feds, MT States attorney and the Salish & Kootenai Tribe does steal water rights attached to property deeds.
  3. Multiple Montana State Senators and Representatives violated their Oath of Office by placing the rights of tribal government ahead of the majority of their Montana constituents.
  4. The rules for establishing this water compact, clearly shows violations of all three constitutions, U.S., Montana, and Salish Kootenai, making it mandatory that the Water Compact be fixed.
  5. The Montana State Legislature should be made to follow the law and not be subservient to a bought off Senator’s decisions.
  6. Montana waters are rightfully managed by the State of Montana and should remain in the ownership of the landowner.  CSKT violates this precept!
  7. And the Hellgate treaty is so often misrepresented by the promoters of the compact.

Is it not Strange that Lawyers and politicians representing CSKT tell us that it is just not worth the risk to defend the rights of Montanans and that this multi-billion dollar deal is a savings, that this is the defense position as to why we should happily contribute our property rights to a pseudo sovereign nation?!?

The list of the bought off politicians

Tester's plan to give 5,000 Montanans $2,400,000,000.00  WHY?

Draft of letter to Governor

 A Click on each link below will give you another piece of the puzzle!

The Hell Gate Treaty of 1855 has been so misquoted by the Governors office and those pushing the CSKT Water compact, read it for yourself.

We are attempting to boil down Literally thousands of  pages of evidence and thousands of hours of under the table activity. Millions of dollars have been spent to buy out the players in this egregious activity.

Unlike any other legislation, this seventh water compact in MT, the Salish and Kootenai Water Compact, is an outright theft of the water from the tables of Montanans!

The implications will have nation wide impact! The  Urgency comes with many of the players in this are running for state, federal and county offices!

This Chart shows that only the CSKT includes off reservation flows the other six compacts nothing!