Integrity Does Mean Something!

When you find people of the mindset of serving the people, who do everything in their power to do the absolute right by everyone instead of promoting agendas, it is my feeling that we need to keep them and find more people like them. Three personal friends with servant’s hearts are Keith Regier, Derek Skees, and Pam Holmquist, Real Republicans. All the names on this list have come with references!

For me Politics started Twenty-four years ago when I walked into what I thought was the office of a public servant to ask the questions as to the procedure of how to develop a parcel that I was interested in purchasing. The person in that office told me that in no uncertain terms there was no way to accomplish what I wanted.

Until that point I had no desire to enter into politics or be involved in the same, even though as a kid every meal with family the topic of conversation was about politics and how it was influencing our lives. You see my family was very cognoscente of the influence of government as my all of my grandparents had immigrated to America to escape tyranny. The tyranny of overreach by a certain Kaiser who had grand ideas of taking over the world.

Today we see that tyrannical avarice and deceit at work in our daily lives, and the Freedoms that my family came to be a part of are being rattled by ambitious spoiled brats who are taking out their revenge on those who would dare to claim that the roots of our country and its beginnings are the results of bold men who fought for the right to be free from deceit and corruption.

As a result of that visit to the planning office in central Washington, just as clear as if it was yesterday, I remember saying to myself, if this public servant I allowed to give that kind of answer then I guess it is time for me to get involved and do something about it. I joined home builders and became president in my fourth year and actively supported candidates for office that espoused the same principles as our countries founding fathers.

In devoting of my time to others for the promotion of freedom, I gradually found out that the principles that were spoken were not deep seated, and for so many politician their party platform was only for tricking the people into thinking that something was going to get done, but when they sat in their office it was all about the deal and not necessarily about what was right.

This election cycle we have an escalated attack against what is right and correct, by a person who because of ambition feels slighted that he did not get the leadership position he so craved and felt he deserved. This person has spent his whole political being looking for whatever advantage he can to use to promote himself.

His actions of defending his bent philosophy have put together a sloppy plan to place people into office across the state of Montana that can take down conservative thought. He personally has promoted the use of innuendo and deceit as a means of getting things done. I have been part of the meetings where his disruptive behavior has projected the same.

The avarice to such great depths that he has expressed goes to selling his soul to the wrong thinking of liberals and charlatans. But enough of that, the evidence is out there for all to see. The water compact and the promotion of it is only a tool for his personal gain. It is the one issue today that has millions of dollars and lots of promises flowing from it that can be useful greedy persons.

He has gathered friends around him who have put together funds used for mailers to attack good people. 

Those people being attacked are the Real Republicans, the honest hard working folk who take the promotion of freedom and the constitution and our founding principles to heart. These people actually read the bills and have no agendas or axes to grind. A list of these people can be found on .

On the top of that list is Keith Regier, a man though sometimes not vocal enough, is always doing the right thing, He reads the bills, his insight into the down the road result is useful and he articulates well the logical reasonable solutions. His calming presence never stoops to the gutter in casting aspersions against any man even though they might deserve.

Keith’s opponents seem to think leadership is being a celebrity, they never once allow themselves to express any real plan other than feelings that leadership is deal making, and quite frankly we do not need to be sold down the road with more deal making.

This is why I am voting for KEITH REGIER in Senate District #3

I would encourage all to vote for any one of those on the list at the link above!!

Vote for Real Republicans!

Real Republicans Treat your money conservatively by being accountable. Big Government eats more money, destroys Jobs and kills our economy.

Vote for accountability!

Vote for Real Republicans!

Real Republicans Don't have Bosses

  • They think for themselves!
  • They live up to their oath of office!
  • They believe in the American Dream!
  • Don't make Deals with bad ideas!

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