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On 5/01/2016 the report due for the period ending 5/03/2016 MFRL reports a balance but no political expenditures

On  5/09/2016 MFRL files an amended report for same period showing a debt incurred on 4/25/2016 of $20,000.00 to  the printer.

On 5/09/2016 MFRL files a second report for the period ending 5/21/2016 which is 12 days ahead of the due date and on this report the only transaction is the payment of a fine to settle a COPP Complaint, still no expenditures!

On 5/18/2016 MFRL files an amend report for the period ending 5/03/2016 that edits the amount on the report, filed on 5/09/2016, reducing the debt amount to the printer from $20,000.00 to  $18,062.20

On 5/26/2016 MFRL files the report due this date that amends the previous report filed on 5/09 for the same period that ends 5/21/2016. This report says:

  • on 5/17/2016 they paid the lion share of $17,032.30 to Great Northern Printing for the printing of mailers
  • Mailers that were all received 5/13/2016
  • And they owe another $8,962.20 to Great Northern Printing

When you look at the reports and follow their info you will see some major discrepancies!

In the past when I have been to the printer the printed material never left the shop until paid for. And most always before undertaking that amount of work some deposit would need to be paid. But even more egregious M.F. Responsible Leadership would have you believe that they incurred a debt for this work on April 25th and did not pay till May 17th! What is curious is they list the debt as both a debt and an income where as before the debt did not show as income. HMMM! Do You want to vote for people who are sponsored by this group!!!

This reporting is done by a woman who has claimed to be a computer techy type that has filed many multiple reports in the past and this is what you get???

The latest report Filed today shows what looks like more deception perpetrated by MFRL!!!