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Undocumented democrats all across the nation are attacking the basic principles of our country. The very meaning of our founding principles are dependent upon there being a presence of a moral fiber. The preservation of that Moral fiber is espoused and preserved in the platform of the Republican Party.

Ambitious people seeking personal ill got gain have realized that by taking on the name Republican they are able to gain access to the treasure trove of monies paid by each American into a pool we call the tax structure. These people of ambition take advantage of the system knowing that to gain political office they are unable to be elected if they rightly align themselves with the party of their beliefs, so they run for office as Republicans.

These Irresponsible Republicans...the Undocumented Democrats...the Neo-Cons...the RINO’s...whatever label strikes your fancy....are again using dark money to put out hit pieces on those responsible Republicans that take their platform and their oath of office seriously. These undocumented Democrats (MFRL)are getting bolder than in the last election cycle as this election cycle MFRL has actively recruited more Neo-cons to run in this primary against those committed to doing right by Montanans.

One such Neo-Con group MFRL (Montanans for (ir)responsible Leadership), who last election cycle did their dirty work as MtBASE, have again taken the lead on this devious plotting. Last election cycle their reporting to Political practices was relatively timely and revealing, and as a result their dark money scheme was exposed. And to this day continue to take money from CSKT.

This cycle however information trickles out with multiple amended reports that show what looks like a deliberate attempt to hide info. For instance the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, article on Attack pieces by MFRL, dated May 17, 2016, indicates that dark money attack mailers were sent out attacking, Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, R-Billings and Rep. Scott Staffanson, R-Sidney, and Rep. Art Wittich, R-Bozeman, Senate Candidate Steve Hinebaugh. We also know that House candidate Derek Skees, R-Kalispell, were attacked.   Also there are two others listed in the same article, as being of like mind as MFRL that received favorable mailers.

In the same article, dark money MFRL Treasurer Sandy Welch (partner of Bruce Tutvedt) is quoted as saying, “There’s nothing dark about it,” said Sandy Welch, the deputy treasurer for the committee. “You can go onto the (Commissioner of Political Practices) website and see where every dollar spent has come from.”

But as of this moment Sunday May 22, 2016 the only reports shown seem to incriminate Ms Welch. In this year of 2016 MFRL has filed 7 reports, 4 of those are amended reports of the others.

  1. On 5/18/16 an amended report for the period of 3/05/16 to 5/03/16 MFRL shows expenditure for their new address in Kalispell in addition to the one in Great Falls. But remember we saw 7 mailers reported for MFRL yet they show no expenditure for them but only a debt for 3 mailers on 4/25/16 to a local Kalispell printer in the amount of $18,062.20 (also changed)
  2. No body in a legislative district spends $6,000 on a single mailer so the math again does not add up.
  3. On 5/09/2016 a seemingly irregular report was filed indicating that it was for the period of 5/04/16 through 5/21/16 and the only entry is the reporting of a payment for a fine levied by Commissioner of Political Practices paid by MFRL on 5/09/16

However irresponsible these irresponsible leaders(?) are with their funds, the biggest picture is the deception and lies represented on these dark money attack mailers by MFRL.

It is deceit around every corner.

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