The left can’t even be consistent about being opposed to sexual assault. CNN tried to downplay a self-confessed sexual assault by Democrat media darling Sen. Cory Booker as somehow “different” than allegations against Kavanaugh.

Co-Conspirators Feinstein and Ford show their depravity

  • Ford proposes in march of 2017 that someone needs to step forward and Accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to derail his appointment.
  • Feinstein accepts the challenge to uphold the lie and smear a good man all because she lawlessly denies her oath of office to defend the constitution! The rule of law in America!
  • Feinstein did not do the honorable thing in July or earlier to reveal the complaint that looks like a lie!
Democrat no problem double standard
MSM Lacks any integrity

Dems don’t have the guts to ask Clinton about the rape allegations against her own husband. Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick complained on Twitter and called for an investigation into “My RAPE Allegations.”

Schumer happily breaks the law is brought to you by concerned citizens who believe when you have the truth you are better able to see the picture of what is happening to our state and country. We took great effort to keep opinions out of the picture and if there are any opinions or comments expressed they are clearly noted. In each of the items presented there are pieces of irrefutable evidence quoted and brought forth that those reading need to know about. All communications must be had through the Contact Page.

dems actually rape and goes unobserved