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Democrats for Failed Socialism!

Democrats bait and switch tactics

One example of the bait and switch technique in the last session was the infrastructure bill.

      Infrastructure is defined as roads, water and sewer.

Democrats and Neo-Cons supported a bill that they called an infrastructure bill, but they had a museum remodel among other things that really are not infrastructure in the bill.

  • When Conservative Republicans tried to amend the bill to make it a real bill to address infrastructure that would truly stimulate the economy, Dems and Neo-Cons denied the amendments.
  • Then when Republicans proposed an amendment to put schools at the top of the list, again Dems and Neo-Cons denied the amendments.
  • Then Bullock vetoes the real infrastructure bill and now he is proposing the same bill he vetoed as his own.

Democrat's and Bullock's Gross lies about Gianforte and Greg's  position on access to public lands!

Democrat's and Bullock promote  federal control of lands where the public access is restricted by taking out thousands of miles of roads!

Documented Truth
About Gianforte Access

     The Gianforte’s bought a home on a property next to a fishing and recreation easement. The public entitled to use the access were repeatedly cutting across Gianforte’s land causing damage, instead of using the provided route to the easement.
      After some years of trying to get Fish & Wildlife to address the issue and being ignored, Gianforte’s used the only solution they had left and that was to file a lawsuit. As planned the lawsuit did finally put FW&Ps in a position of having to address the problem that existed since 1993 when the easement was established.
     The ultimate Solution to the issue was relocation of the easement so that access to the easement was less confusing thereby protecting Gianforte’s land and privacy.
     Documentation Bears out the facts, there is a copy of the letter from Fish Wildlife and parks that proves the solution that was finally met.  (below)

Note: FW&Ps was never actually served the lawsuit papers but the existence of the papers got things resolved.

     Democrats would have you believe that "no trespassing" signs were posted on the easement, again not true; they were posted on Gianforte Property to prevent the public from cutting across their land to get to the easement.

We should thank Bullock and his cohorts for showing us the truth about their campaign of lies and deceit.

(Documented proof below)

Democrat's across America have shown an unchecked campaign strategy of unethical campaigns, making up lies about their opponents, and lying about their accomplishments.


The recent ad run by the Democratic Governors Association is really an attack on Montana
values cleverly disguised as a fishing story. Even though Bullock may have been born in
Montana, he is the candidate that is out of touch with Montana values relating to public access
and private property rights.

Quote of the day.

Democrats against voter integrity!

Deception & Lies!