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Wrap and Smear

Definitions and lies made by the left wing democrats (progressives)

Democrats repeatedly portray themselves as "Progressive" but they're agenda is regressive, as they promote the FAKE rights of the immoral and cram them down the throats of all American's. Changing the truth into a lie!

Progressives define themselves – without discussion or debate even, they claim whatever I want to be real regardless, even if in so doing I stomp on the rights of others is okay. they even allow the breaking of long standing laws that protect the innocent.

Democrats support fascist behavior of groups like Antifa who physically attack others instead of engaging in dialogue. Their violent attacks on other peaceful protesters are in and of itself fascist acts of aggression.

Democrats ignore the rights of unborn men and women by murdering them, simply because the cries of the unborn are not heard and it is a solution to avoid the recognition of the immoral behavior of both men and women.

Democrats support their own immorality and expect others to buy into the lie that they are more important than others.

Democrats support societies that brutalize women while claiming to be for women’s rights. Muslim countries stone their wives and daughters for being abused. They also violate anatomy by allowing themselves physical relationships with babies whose parts have not grown sufficiently for that type of interaction.

Progressives call Trump supporters white supremists while they are the party of the KKK and the party of inflicting reliance rather than promoting opportunity.

Democrats accept monies from and pass laws allowing unions to steal funds from America’s working class (the real dark money) and then calling legitimate funds from businesses and those choosing to support candidates, dark money.

Democrats claim to be for public lands all the while supporting restrictions to access these public lands by removing roads and trails (over 20,000 miles of access roads have been removed)

Democrats promote the violation of children’s rights by promoting pedophilia.

Democrats promote illegal aliens by giving America’s asset to the lawbreakers that come across our borders. Democrats promote sanctuary for criminals with the pledge to violate laws of the land by not cooperating with authorities.

Democrats avidly support illegals in allowing them to vote, they tout their lies by claiming they are about letting America vote when our systems allow citizens ample time to register and ample access.