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Follow the Money trail!

More proof who is involved! 

Neo-cons pooling their funds.

No Doubt of the collusion here.

Making Deals with the left and the tribe.

Bruce Reporting to the tribe!

Bruce closing the deal!

Shown in the CSKT Minutes!

Bruce closing the deal

The paper trail tells a tale!

        The players are identified!

And the Collusion is clear!

If the Water Compact is so honorable, why is there so much cloak and dagger with  the negotiating of exemptions for one's self. That alone proves that the agreement is corrupt.

Bruce closing the deal
Bruce closing the deal

Document proving who Bruce attacked! Listing those attacked and monies spent!

Step One of the Tutvedt plan: Take out as many of those legislature that would uphold the rule of law !

Multiple attacks shown and the documentation to prove it!

Exposing the CSKT Swamp

   The Law reads when a senator takes money to do work he is supposed to do anyway that is a bribe.

Montana Code Annotated 45-7-101

Extensive display of the proof of coruption

Proud of his plan.

Bruce closing the deal

While attacking others he Supports himself.